I create art in a variety of styles in both digital and traditional media. This gallery is a selection of my portrait art in styles that I mainly use for commissioned custom portraits including realistic pencil portraits of people and animals, miniature portraits, sketches and digital cartoon portraits.

Pencil Portraits
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When drawing portraits I aim to capture the likeness and personality of the subject to my best ability. I usually draw pencil portraits in size A4, but can at special request draw also on A3 or some other size. A bigger size can be a good option if your custom portrait has more than one subject or if you want it to be a more impressive piece on the wall.

Pet Portraits
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Cats, dogs, birds, horses, rabbits, reptiles... I love capturing the beauty, playfulness, goofiness and grace of all kinds of animals. I usually draw animal portraits up to A4 size, but am open to special requests as well.

Mini Portraits
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The size of these mini portraits is around 10-15 cm in height. I might not spend so many hours on these, but I always aim to capture the essence and personality of the subject as with all of my portraits. This is a great option if you are on a budget and can be good also if you want it delivered only in digital format.

Cartoon Portraits
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As an artist I don't like to limit myself to one style. In addition to realistic art I like to create also cartoon vector illustrations.

If you want to see a cute cartoon version of your beloved pet or yourself in my style this is a nice budget friendly option to consider. Let your imagination run wild - you can place yourself in any imaginary situation or pose you want and I can also combine several photo references.



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